Under the Light of the Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun is an RPG about secrets; Invisible Sun is an RPG with secrets. And there is one secret I would like to help you discover today: Is this a game you want to play? The monolithic black cube boasts an incredible amount of content but doesn't really tell you what to expect from the game itself. 

Everything about Invisible Sun is steeped in its setting. Even reading the rules books (all four of them) can feel like you are trying to decipher a code - in fact, if you keep an eye out, there are literal codes and puzzles hidden in the rules themselves. The game calls itself a surrealist fantasy, taking place in a sort of modern setting infused with strange magic. I don't mean "vampires are hiding among us" sort of modern fantasy, more like "I was late for work at the thought crystal factory today because the Cthulhu-like squid monster was blocking traffic". Strange and impossible things are the norm and that is just what is on the surface in a setting riddled with mysteries.

Invisible Sun 19 Cityscape Jason Engle

A unique aspect of the game that is worth mentioning is the role the players take on in crafting the world and the story. Most RPGs have the players follow a story that the game master puts in front of them. In Invisible Sun, the players tell the game master the kind of stories they want to have for their characters by taking "character arcs". Advancing in your arcs is how you advance your character. Another example is in the first session: when the players have finished their own characters, they design neighbours and interesting locations for the other players' characters (you can choose where you live but you can't choose your own neighbours). This makes the GM more of a guide through a developing story than a storyteller themselves.

Invisible Sun is not an RPG for beginners, however. The game assumes you already know how to play other pen and papers, and even a experienced gamer could get lost in all of the unique terminology and little details in the system's rules. Once you have played a few games the rules don't seem so daunting and you can enjoy where the game really shines: its unique story opportunities and a setting that is all its own. If you are ready to break into something very different, I have found Invisible Sun to be an amazingly immersive experience. 

Invisible Sun 10-Keyfall-Roberto Pitturru

If you would like to hear what I mean, you can listen to my play sessions at https://www.hiddenamonghearts.com/ or look for Truth Hidden Among Hearts wherever you get your podcasts. We are all first timers to the game, so you can join us as we fumble through the rules and discover the strange magic of this truly unique setting. Or join us in our upcoming series, where we will break down the rules and setting into bite sized bits so you can learn how to play without needing to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

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