Frequently Asked Questions
1 General
1.1 Do you offer price matching?

We are currently looking into the option of implementing a price matching policy. As you can imagine, this is a very complex subject, and we want to ensure that this is implemented correctly. Please check back soon, we will update this question once we have decided whether implementing such a possibility is viable, as well as the best course to do so!

1.2 Do you offer a Military/First Responder/Seniors/etc. discount?

No, we do not offer any discounts for special groups or organizations.

1.3 Do you offer in-store pickup?

Yes we do! You will find an option for in-store pickup during checkout. In-store pickup orders may take 1-2 business days for us to prepare your order, and once prepared, you will receive an email from our system that it is ready for pickup.

Please be aware that we will require identification at the time of pickup in order to ensure that we are giving orders to the correct customers.

Please note that due to our order volumes during the holidays, we normally discontinue in-store pickup as an option for online orders between November 30th and January 15th.

1.4 Can I have someone else pick up my order?

Yes you can! Once you have received the confirmation email that your order is ready for pickup, you can reply to the confirmation email to let us know who you would like to pickup your order in your place.

Please note that your designated agent will be required to provide identification upon pickup.

1.5 I bought my game and it's missing ______________! What can I do to get this resolved?

In many cases, product manufacturers do not provide retailers with options for resolving missing components. We recommend that you start by reaching out to the board game publisher - many publishers have a missing component claim form on their website that you can fill out to get replacements shipped to you directly.

If you have already contacted the publisher and have not received a response within a week, please feel free to email us at [email protected], and we would be happy to see if there are any options we can take through our distributors to get the problem resolved for you.

1.6 I setup an account on your site, and no longer want it. How can I delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go! If you want to delete your account, please email us at [email protected], and we will see about removing your account information from our system.

2 In-Store Returns
2.1 Can I get a refund for ____________ item?

We do not offer refunds on sales, however some products may qualify for exchange as outlined below.

In some instances, we may be willing to offer store credit on returns, on items which qualify under our exchange policy.

2.2 Can I exchange ______________ item?

While we do offer exchanges for some products, however please note that the following items are FINAL SALE:

  • Items at a discount of 25% off or greater (Includes items under the Employee Pricing program)
  • Used games or other used products
  • Orders shipped internationally (outside of Canada)
  • Damage to internal components or missing components due to manufacturing error
  • Special order items
  • Items without a factory seal
  • Any wooden products, or products under the Classic Games category

Additionally, the following items do not qualify for exchange under any circumstances:

  • All Sports/Trading Card Game products (Magic:The Gathering, Pokemon, etc)

  • Any electronic games and/or computer software

  • Any items at clearance prices

  • Any special order items

  • Any Games Workshop items

  • Paints, painting accessories

  • Dice cubes or bulk dice

Other items may be exchanged for another item within fourteen (14) days of purchase at management discression. Items must be in the original packaging, and the original sales receipt is required.

3 Online Orders
3.1 I no longer require my order, can I cancel it?

Yes, so long as your order has not yet shipped. Please note that we reserve the right to apply a 15% administrative fee for orders cancelled under any circumstances. This administrative fee is evaluated on a case by case basis. If you require an order cancellation, or partial cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible using the following methods:

  • Replying directly by email to your order confirmation
  • Sending a request by email to [email protected]
  • By telephone or text to 1-866-379-1055
3.2 Why is there an order cancellation/restocking fee?

Our cancellation/restocking fee is there to help cover the labour and payment processing costs involved with processing your order.

3.3 My game arrived damaged! What can I do to get it replaced?

Orders are packed carefully to ensure integrity of product upon arrival to you. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, damage to products can occur during the shipping process. Please refer to the following paragraph for a definition of damage.

Items are ineligible for any damage claims under the following circumstances:

  • Items at a discount of 25% off or greater (Includes items under the Employee Pricing program)
  • Used games or other used products
  • In store pickup
  • Orders shipped internationally (outside of Canada)
  • Damage to internal components or missing components due to manufacturing error

If your product does not fall under any of the above, please reply to your order email with details, and we will review the damage claim and respond with a resolution as soon as possible.

3.4 Why do pre-orders have to be ordered one at a time?

Due to limitations in our system, orders can not be partially fulfilled at this time. This requires us to hold the entire order until pre-order items arrive in our warehouse, which can require significant additional space and increases the chances of items being misplaced or damaged.

As a result of this, we require all pre-orders be placed individually, to prevent any chance of mix-ups or damages to customer products.

Additionally, due to the volatile nature of the board game industry, items expected to release at the same time may be delayed, arriving at our warehouse at different dates and causing delays to processing your order.

3.5 Why can I no longer place an order for in-store pickup?

We normally turn off the option for in-store pickup during the holiday season. Both our storefront and online orders are extremely busy from the end of November until early January, and we can not guarantee that in-store pickup orders will be fulfilled in a timely manner during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but look forward to assisting you in store!

3.6 Why are the prices on my online invoice different than the prices shown on the website?

Due to the way that our system displays it's online invoices, the line items on your invoice include the applicable taxes for your location, where as the prices on the website are pre-tax amounts. For instance:

If a product has a pre-tax amount of $39.95, and your location has a 15% HST, the invoice will show that the product was purchased for $45.94

Please note that when totaling the product's individual prices on your invoice, (including the applicable shipping & handling charges, if applicable,) the total amount will equal the Total incl. tax line on the online invoice.

4 Shipping
4.1 When do I need to order in order to make sure my purchase arrives for the holidays?

We cannot guarantee shipping times during the month of December, and we are unable to offer any refunds on shipping due unexpected shipping delays. 

  • Maritimes - December 8th
  • Ontario/Quebec - December 10th
  • Manitoba Saskatchewan - December 12th
  • Alberta - December 19th*

Please note that after December 24th, our shipping carriers will not be picking up any orders until December 28th or later. We recommend that customers looking to order product plan accordingly to avoid unexpected shipping delays.

4.2 Do you offer free shipping?

No, we do not offer any free shipping options at this time.

4.3 Can I place my order with Canada Post Regular Freight and get reduced shipping?

Due to the volume of shipments we process with Canada Post, we get their faster Expedited shipping at a reduced price equal to the Regular Freight rates. As a result, we do not offer Regular Freight as a shipping option.

4.4 Can I have ____________ item shipped to my country?

We do offer international shipping for a large number of products in our inventory. Please note that there are some products that we are unable to ship outside of Canada due to these products being regionally protected by distributors. Products that fall into this category include - but are not limited to - products from the following publishers:

  • Asmodee & Asmodee Exclusive Brands
  • Games Workshop
  • Hasbro/Avalon Hill
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Fantasy Flight
  • Atomic Mass
  • The OP (USAOpoly)

In addition, any products that are in our Clearance or Employee Pricing program (typically denoted by pricing ending in 7) do not qualify for shipping outside of Canada.

4.5 How much will it cost to have _____________ shipped to me?

Shipping costs are based on product weights/dimensions, as well as the final destination for your total purchase, and as such we do not provide individual shipping quotes for items. You will get a total shipping quote for your order during the checkout process, prior to processing payment for your order.