COVID-19 Safety Protocols

To our friends and customers:

Due to the current safety measures implemented by the Alberta government, we are reducing our maximum occupancy to 20 customers at any particular time. This is slightly less than our 33% maximum. Groups and households are limited to a maximum of two members at a time. Please do your best to maintain social distancing within the store, wherever possible.

We still require all customers to wear a 3-Layer Mask or Medical Grade Mask when shopping inside the store. We can provide a free disposable mask for you upon entry, and we encourage all customers to sanitize their hands using the dispenser provided. Face shields, bandanas / gaiters, and masks with valves will not be considered acceptable face coverings.

We will not be requiring passports or proof of vaccination at this time, however please note that as mentioned above, we are required to limit store capacity to no more than 20 customers at a time. In order to facilitate as many households as possible, we ask that no more than 1-2 members of a single household enter the store at any given time if possible.

Customers that cannot wear masks for medical reasons are encouraged to use our online site ( to place orders for delivery. Due to changing weather conditions, and for the comfort and safety of our customers and staff, we will no longer to able to provide service outdoors. We will do our best to accommodate special circumstances whenever possible, but please keep in mind that during peak times special service may be delayed or unavailable. We may re-implement a storeside pickup policy again if there is enough demand, and cases continue to rise.

As always, we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse or harassment towards staff or customers. If you have issues with the current restrictions, we encourage you to express those concerns to your elected officials.

Keep your stick on the ice, we're all in this together.


  • Wear 3-Layer or Medical Masks
  • No Face shields, gaiters/bandannas, or valve masks
  • Sanitize hands upon entry
  • Maintain social distancing while browsing
  • Store is limited to 20 customers at a time, groups of no larger than 2
  • No more outdoor sales
  • Please be respectful :)