Staff Picks

Finished your Pandemic Legacy campaign and unsure where to go now? Are you looking for something other than Catan for the millionth time for family board game night? Come check out our staff's favorite recommendations!


John E: Warp’s Edge

A single player only sci-fi shoot 'em up bag builder with lots of replay value.   There’s a recurring time loop theme that works very well with the game as a whole,  somewhat related to the Tom Cruise sci-fi ‘Edge of Tomorrow”.

Nothing fancy about the game components. It has a well written instruction manual though there was some room for improvement. Usually I lose my first scenario with a new mothership,  and that’s the challenge of the game as you have to really analyse what will be your revised strategy as you replay the scenario having learned the strength and weaknesses of both your own ship and the enemy ships of which there are several with very different attributes.  Any interest?  I strongly suggest watching this learn to play video, which is extremely well done with a great deadpan sense of humour.

Tim: Fabula Ultima RPG

Fabula Ultima is a new TTRPG system by Need Games that allows players to experience an epic JRPG story in tabletop form. Portray classic JRPG character archetypes or create your own with a diverse and adaptable character creation system, with up to 15 classes to mix and match! Few RPG's have rules to allow Game Masters to introduce major villains or antagonists in scenes of their own, and that is where Fabula Ultima truly shines. Use Fabula points during tense or decisive moments, build friendly or adversarial relationships with your fellow party members that impact how you play. But be careful because the enemy can use Ultima points in their hours of desperation when the stakes are at their highest! Don't underestimate your opponent! Use different attack types and abilities to exploit the weaknesses of your foes, the ability combinations are extremely robust and customizable . Players and Game Masters world build together and collaborate on key plot elements so every location is unique and tailored to your specific party composition. Villains can become allies, allies become adversaries, and you are only limited by your imagination! For fans of games like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Suikoden and other JRPG classics, this is the system for you!

John Small: Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is the Great Granddaddy of role playing games, getting it's start in the late 1970s. Now on it's 5th Edition it has become more mainstream than ever thanks to references in "Stranger Things" and a recent hit movie.

The essence of the game has changed very little, even the rules have. Gather your friends, create fantasy characters and go on imaginary adventures to find fame and fortune. Beat up the bad guys and save the world...sounds simple!

The Dungeonmaster (or DM) runs and/or creates adventures that everyone explores...together creating a story of epic Heroes, or idiotic buffons and everything in between.

Ready, get your dice, GO!

Drew: Rallyman: GT - Core Box

So my top pick for board games for this quarter would be Rallyman GT. As a fan of Formula 1 and various other motorsports, Rallyman GT is a good option for a board game version of the fastest race on earth (if that's a thing). I like that the player has to plan out their movement on the track with dice and then, using those dice, has to roll to see if they successfully go around the track or spin out. The solo version of the game, which I played, doesn't include pit stops and has timed laps. I also enjoy the fact that, using the hexagonal tiles, you can create a track that is unique or you can use the examples in the book to help you set the track up for play. I do recommend watching a few how to play videos as some of the rules are a little tricky, but after a few games everything will fall into place.

Have fun racing and hope you enjoy!

Dale: Steam Up

Play as one of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac, competing to collect sets of Dim Sum to score points. Manipulate the steamer baskets through the collection and use of cards, spend resources to claim baskets of Dim Sum to score points, and utilize the special ability of your Zodiac animal to manipulate the game in your favour!

Derek the Evil Twin: Squishables

My staff pick has to be the Squishables, especially the animals, real or imagined. Who doesn't want to give a Dragon Fruit Dragon a squishy hug, or cuddle a Baby Fox and Wolf without fear? You can even use a giant Fuzzy Bumblebee as a pillow if you want with no chance of a sting! You could get yourself a stress Llama, like our staff has, to hug as tight as you can when you need a little support. Though I already have a few for myself, my favourite is my little Skoll, done after a sun wolf god. Who can't use a little more fluffy cuteness in their lives?

Nathan: Sniper Board Game

Do you like being sneaky?  Do you like drawing tokens from a bag?  Do you like shooting your friends in the back?

Well then do I have the perfect game... well for one person anyway.

Sniper Elite: The Board Game is a hidden movement game where one player is a sniper trying to be sneaky and complete objectives and the other players each control a group of 3 soldiers trying to hunt that player down. With fairly simple rules and gorgeous looking minis you'll be playing in no time with everyone wanting a go with the sniper.  It also somehow has a solo mode which is, umm, just ok. 

Joshua: Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Campaign Case

Beginner DM? Or are you finally getting back to playing in-person D&D with your group after that seemingly endless pandemic lockdown? The Campaign Case – Creature box set is absolutely amazing. I used to spend hours and hours painting miniatures for my table even after they said they were happy with random objects as tokens (like dice, or candy or something else) but having accurate tokens on the table when I am DMing is quite important to me. Makes it easier to remember where everyone is and which players are most vulnerable *Muahahaha….*

Tokens are quick and easy to transport, easy to organize encounters before a battle, and easy to conceal in your game bag so your players wont know what hit em’ until it is too late!

Much recommended.

Lilith: Yu-Gi-Oh: Ghosts from the Past - The 2nd Haunting

Yu-Gi-Oh: Ghosts from the Past - The 2nd Haunting is a wonderful pack for new and returning Yu-Gi-Oh collectors and players. Each pack contains 5 Ultra-Rare cards, featuring choice reprints from throughout the game's history. Opening up a pack and getting cards I remember having as a child was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, and there's even a chance to get special Ghost Rare reprints of classic cards like Blue Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician Girl! If you want to relive your childhood while also bulking up your Ultra-Rare binders, look no further than Ghosts from the Past!

Bek: Bristol 1350

Have a pile of friends and no games to play? Large player games are really hard to come across, but fret not! The Dark Cities Series has your back! This social deduction game works beautifully for up to 9 players. Character special abilities and extra rules allow you to customize game play to suit the level of challenge you and your players want to experience. To win this game you must work with others to escape the plagued village of Bristol in a healthy cart without catching the Black Death yourself - but you never know who else might be sick! Lie to your friends about your health while sleuthing out if they’ve lied to you - but don’t be too quick to judge, throwing a healthy player out of your cart could backfire on you! This game is also great for travel due to its small size, plus it’ll look great on your shelf!

Nicole: Doomlings

Doomlings is a kind of game that seems ridiculous and just plain silly to begin with. However, as you start to get into it you will find that it is easy to explain to someone but very difficult to master. Don't let this deter you though! Once you have the basic grasp of Doomlings, you may find yourself wanting to play it multiple times. It's something that the whole family can get together and enjoy, with fun cards and cute little blurbs. Every pack comes with a special card that adds a twist to the game that could either help you or cause a massive headache. The end of the universe is coming, is your species ready for it??