The Blog Strikes Back!

Whooo boy! 2020 was a hell of a year (emphasis on "hell").

As you can imagine, the hectic nature of the pandemic and all of its associated madness was a roller coaster ride for everyone here at the store. Between multiple retail floor closures, implementing new health and safety procedures, and expanding our online shopping options, there were a lot of little things that had to fall by the wayside.

As a result, our store blog has been on hiatus since last March, gathering cobwebs (or whatever the internet equivalent is) while we dealt with the ups and downs of COVID-19. But now, after nearly a year of absence, we are happy to announce its triumphant return!

Our blog provides us with a platform to publish longer form content to help connect with the interests of our customers, whether that be reviews, pre-order previews, announcements, or just what happens to be on our mind. With an aim to inform and entertain, we hope that our customers get half as much entertainment out of reading our articles as we do writing them.

Everyone is probably sick of hearing this by now, but we here at Mission: Fun & Games and are eternally grateful for all the support that our customers and community have given us throughout this whole ideal. Thank you!

Here's to a new year of loving and playing board games!

Alex, Social Media Mage
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