Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards V: Hijinx at Hell High

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Ah... high school...
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WELCOME TO HELL! HELL HIGH, that is! The most horrible, evil, blood-thirstiest high school in all of creation. That’s right, the Battle Wizards are going back to school, so sharpen your number 2 wands and get ready to channel the adolescent fury of groinscorching puberty and COSMIC ELDRITCH RAGE into the wizard battle to end all wizard battles!

⁖ Fifth game in the Epic Spell Wars series
⁖ Introduces keyword "Bully" and Social Status Board with abilities that depend on Rank
⁖ Kick-ass Wizard and Hell High Standees!
⁖ Mature themes and shockingly inappropriate art!

Contents Summary
• 30 Source Cards
• 30 Quality Cards
• 30 Delivery Cards
• 8 Wild Magic Cards
• 9 Oversized Wizard Cards
• 25 Treasure Cards
• 25 Dead Wizard Cards
• 15 Kill Tokens
• 7 Last Wizard Standing
• 6 Skull Life Counters
• 5 Six-Sided Dice
• 1 Social Status Board
• 9 Wizard Standees with
• 1 Power Bonus Token
• 1 Hell High Standee
• 1 Promo Card for Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON DeckBuilding Game

Be Class President, or a Nerd or a Cheerleader... or a Nerdy, Slutty Class President! It’s all up to you!

Your chance to be "cool" in High School! That’s not true… this is just a game. I’m sorry, you need to move on...

HIJINX AT HELL HIGH gives you the chance to experience all the "fun" of high school, climbing the social ladder from Loser to Loner to NERD all the way up to Cheerleader, Jock, or maybe even *gasp* CLASS PRESIDENT. That’s right, your ability to sling red-hot death spells is partially going to depend on your ability to master the most treacherous terrain known to man: teenage Social Status! If it all gets to be too much, you can always conjure a tornado of demonic acid skulls for everyone in PE class!
RIIIIINNNGGGG... Oh heck, that’s the school bell. Quick, get to class because you definitely don’t want to be tardy.