Epic Spell Wars: Annihilageddon Deckbuilding Game

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It's an all-out battle to the death in the crazy world of Epic Spell Wars!
Designer Rob Heinsoo, Cory Jones
Year 2019
Number of Players 2-6 players
Time 30 Minutes
Ages 15+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Take That
Theme Fantasy, humor
Game Video

It’s an all-out battle to the death for the Annihilageddon trophy in the crazy world of Epic Spell WarsTM! While fully compatible with other Cerberus Engine releases, this game features a whole new world of mayhem … literally.

Mayhem Events, Familiars, Past Champions, Wizards, Spells, Creatures, Treasure, and Wild Magic. It all adds up to an Epic Spell Wars experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. And fans of the series have seen a lot. Yeesh.


  • Over 220 Deck-Building Cards, including 4 First Printing Promo Cards; 8 Oversized Wizard Cards; Compatible with the card game!; 20 Dead Wizard Tokens; 5 Hit Point Trackers; 8 Wizard Ability Tiles; 1 Oversized Standee; Updated Cerberus Game Tray; Rulebook