Staff Picks

Did you just finish your Pandemic Legacy Campaign and you don't know where to go from there? Are you looking to play something other than Catan for the millionth time at your weekly board game night? Are tensions high within your play group and you need a game to help calm things down? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the folks here at Mission: Fun & Games and have some bonafide recommendations if you're looking for something new to play! 

Dale - Tiny Epic Dungeons

"This game is GREAT. The box is tiny, the gameplay is incredible. and the box is TINY!"

Drew - Aquatica

In Aquatica up to 4 players try to bring glory to their kingdoms either by gaining new recruits, capturing locations, and completing goals to add to your victory point total. As you play the game you play cards from your hand to help you in achieving your goals. I myself like the underwater theme and the amount of strategy that goes into the play of the game. The game has these little stingray tokens that aid you in your take over of the deep seas and are quite detailed! If you like the ocean or diving or want to play a cool sea themed game, I recommend this game.

John E. - The Initiative

"The initiative is a quick to teach and highly interactive game with lots of replay value.  The  puzzle challenges work well with the teamwork component and the game has a push your luck element that adds a nice element of tension.  Lots of missions to play in this one and I suspect they will scale in terms of challenge.  There is also a story building element which almost makes it into a light legacy feel of game."

John S. - Architects of the West Kingdom 

"I have actually only played the first two of this trilogy, Architects and Paladins. If they are any indication Viscounts will also be great. All three are very different games with a sort of unified theme throughout. All rate between 7.3 and 7.5 on BGG."

Josh - Catacombs of Karak

"So my family isn't as into board games I am, but I have wanted to get them interested. Catacombs of Karak is a simple game to learn and quick to set up. And adding a little Role Play in the game really seemed to entertain my Nephew. He had fun even though he didn't win. And that sounds like a successful game night to me! Highly recommended!"

Mike - Radlands

"This game is a pleasant surprise! Not only is it rad to play, but it's incredibly easy to learn and just as easy to set up. If you're looking for a great 2 player card game with incredible art and amazing gameplay, pick up Radlands!"

Nathan - Fast and Furious Highway Heist

"The perfect FAMILY game...
Probably one of the most thematic and fun games I have ever played.  A fantastic cooperative game where you have to work together as a team to pull off ridiculous stunts to get closer to your objective. So if you're looking for a game with cool minis, lots of dice rolling, and missions involving destroying a tank with cars then this game is for you."

Tim - Gorilla Marketing

"The perfect party game for groups larger than 4 players! This game is all about coming up with a brand name and a catch phrase for a product you are trying to sell. A great variant on the voting mechanics found in many party games. Often the most mundane answers are the funniest!"

Travis - Arkham Horror LCG

"If you like games that create interesting stories through mechanics, this game is a real treat. While the game has plenty of written narrative to accompany the gameplay, the emergent story beats are where the storytelling really shines. Deck Building is as much about character expression as it is about optimization and strategy; (Though, you will unfortunately have to invest a fair bit past the core box to have a wide enough card pool to experience that). With the release of The revised core set last year and the newer more consumer friendly format for expansion content being rolled out, there's never been a better time to try out Arkham Horror LCG."

Tuppy - Dragon Castle

"Dragon Castle is a 2-4 player Mahjong tile drafting game. The game has a good pace and presents many roads to victory. Each player has their own realm board where they build their shrines. After each draft players arrange their drafted tiles on their realm boards. When four tiles of the same caste are connected the player scores points by adding a shrine. Shrines can can be vertical or horizontal. the game includes several different and varied temples for 2,3 and 4 player boards. In addition their are Spirits that are for personal scoring and Dragons that are community scoring. The rule book is one of the best, concise clear and ramps up the complexity in easy to learn steps. The player aid is excellent. Dragon Castle plays well at all player counts."