Pre-Order Policy

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order submitted with more than one pre-order item, or with stock items in conjunction with pre-order items.

Pre-Order Policies

Pre-orders must be placed online, they can not be done in the retail store..

By purchasing an item with **PRE-ORDER** in the title, you are purchasing a reserve copy of a game that has not yet been released. Your deposit is equal to the retail price of the game, as listed on, plus tax, plus any shipping fees applicable to your order. Your payment will be collected in full in order to secure your pre-order, and will not be refunded except in the event that we are unable to fulfill your order due to circumstances out of our control.

Pre-order items must be purchased as the sole item on an order. If you want to place orders for multiple pre-order items, they must each be submitted as a separate order.

In most cases, customers are limited to a maximum quantity of 1 per pre-order item. .

Once you are notified the pre-order is ready by email you have 5 business days to pick up you order.
If you order is not picked up in this time frame your order will be cancelled and refunded less a 15% administration fee.  

If you paid for shipping of your pre-order but now want to pick up in store we have to be advised in writing via the same email address used for your order.  Allows two business days to process the refund and note the 15% administration fee will apply.

The option to check out with the in store pick selection is not available from approximately Nov. 11th - Jan 6th each year.


Any pre-order promotion/incentive will be distributed starting with the first pre-order and ending with the last person to pre-order, while supplies last.  If you pre-order multiple copies of a single item, you will be eligible for only 1 promotional item.


In the event that a product is allocated from our distributors, we will fulfill all the orders that we can starting with the first person to pre-order. If we are unable to fulfill your pre-order, we will cancel your order and refund your money. For example: if we have 15 pre-orders for a title and we only receive 10 units from our distributors, the first 10 customers to pre-order will receive a copy of the game; the remaining 5 will be refunded their money.

If a product is allocated from our distributors and we receive insufficient stock to fulfill all pre-orders, but we are made aware of a future reprint of that product, we will make the option available to you to keep your pre-order on file for that future date, maintaining your position in the queue. If we don’t receive a response within 7 days, we will assume you no longer want the title, and your order will be cancelled and refunded.


If the price of a pre-order item increases between your date of purchase and the date of release, you will not be charged the difference automatically and will be contacted about the nature of the price increase and given the option of cancelling  the order or submitting an additional payment to cover the price increase.

If the price of a pre-order item decreases between your date of purchase and the date of release, you will be issued a store credit in the amount of the difference, in appreciation of your loyalty in purchasing your pre-order from us.


At this time, it is the policy of not to price-match with other retailers. We make every effort to price our products at competitive rates. If you find a lower price elsewhere online please let us know and we will at least consider our options.


Customers will be contacted via email when your pre-order has arrived in store. All pre-ordered sealed product must be picked up within 7 days of the product release.  After 7 days we reserve the right to refund your pre-order and sell the item at regular market price. The item must be picked up by the individual named in the pre-order. ID will be required, and must also match the name on the order.


If you purchased your pre-order to be shipped directly to you, the order will be processed and shipped upon receipt at our warehouse. In the event that we determine you were undercharged for shipping at the time of your order, you will be contacted and asked to make a payment of the difference. Refusal to do so, or lack of response after 7 calendar days, will lead to your pre-order being cancelled and your money refunded. If your address changes between the date of your order and the release of the pre-ordered item, it is your responsibility to contact us and update your shipping information.


Do not call the store for information on your pre-order. If you require additional information or followup, please email with your questions, and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. If any major news comes to us regarding your product, such as production/shipping delays or publisher cost changes, we will attempt to contact you directly.


If you chose to cancel your preorder, please be notified that you will be refunded less a 15% administration fee. Please email [email protected] to cancel your order, including your name and order number listed in your original email. Please allow for 1 - 2 business days for your refund to process.