MNT Card Grading Services


We are happy to be able to inform you that we are now offering card grading through MNT Grading!


The Process

Email your list of cards with photos to [email protected]. You will receive an email reply and we will schedule an appointment for dropoff within 2 business days. The cards must be presented to us at the appointment in the order in which they are listed on your submission email. Appointments are scheduled Tues. - Sat. from 11 - 5 pm.

Each card must be placed in a top loader and sleeve OR a card saver and sleeve. One-touch toploaders will be accepted, but will not be returned with your order. Screw-down cases will not be accepted.

Shipping cost is normally $18 before tax to the MNT and $18 before tax return. 

Cards will be returned from the grading company inside of a protective “slab”, with grading information displayed on the “slab”. See picture:

If you pay for insurance (recommended) your cards are covered by insurance against loss while in transit in both directions. Insurance costs $6 for every $100 of replacement value that you assign to your cards.  For example,  if you bring in cards that you estimate have a replacement value of  $3000.00 in total, the cost for insurance is $3000.00 / $100 x 6 = $180.

If you chose not to pay for insurance, please note that your cards are only covered against loss while they are in our possession or in the MNT facility. 

MNT Grading Inc. does not authenticate any card or any autographs. Any cards where the grader determines that there are signs of tampering/trimming, counterfeiting/reprint or altering of any kind will be returned ungraded with the full fee still being charged.

If there is a claim on any items, lost or damaged through the mailing process, the customer will receive the current sale market value (not values declared in price or reference guides) in return not exceeding the insured value paid for.

Cards are only shipped via Canada POST presently which limits insurance coverage to $5000.00. MNT is working on a UPS account as of July 2021.

To follow up on your order please do not telephone the store.  Please email [email protected] and note your work order number in the subject line along with your last name.



Pricing is PER CARD. Please note that service time does not include shipping to and from the Grading Facility, and due to current volume levels it will take 2-5 weeks for them to start processing your cards. Expect the entire process to take about 4 - 6 weeks.
Shipping and insurance is charged separately. Add $2 per autographed card.


Original Plan (1-10 Cards)


Advanced Plan (11-25 Cards)


Gen MNT plan (26-74 Cards)


Flawless Plan (75+ Cards)

2 Business Days: $44/card   2 Business Days: $42/card   2 Business Days: $43/card   2 Business Days: $40/card
6 Business Days: $38/card   6 Business Days: $36/card   6 Business Days: $34/card   6 Business Days: $32/card
*10 Business Days: $36/card   *10 Business Days: $34/card   *10 Business Days: $32/card   *10 Business Days: $30/card
30 Business Days: $31/card   30 Business Days: $29/card   30 Business Days: $27/card   30 Business Days: $25/card

 * The 10 day service is an exclusive for pristine dealers.