In store pick-up and shipping cutoffs


As of December 4th, Mission Fun and Games will be suspending the option for in store pick up for orders placed on our website, including pre-orders. This is due to the volume of shipment orders we receive during the holiday season, which requires the use of the space normally allocated for pick up orders.  Any purchases made prior to this date will still be available for pick up at our location!

Any pre-orders placed during this time will be fulfilled via our ship to home option. 

Based on our order volumes returning to normal after the holiday season, we expect our pick up option to resume early - mid January 2024.


Shipping cut offs are suggested dates for you to get your gifts in time for the holidays. These dates are not guaranteed as shipping companies are dealing with larger deliveries during the holiday season.

The recommended shipping dates are for Canadian Provinces, and reflect the majority of shipping options we offer.

Provincial shipping cutoffs:
Maritimes & Territories: December 8th
Ontario / Quebec: December 10th
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia: December 12th
Alberta: December 18th
Please note that after December 24th, our shipping carriers likely will not be picking up any orders until December 28th or later. We recommend that customers looking to order product plan accordingly to avoid unexpected shipping delays.