Gaming Guidelines

Gaming Guidelines at Mission: Fun & Games

Mission: Fun & Games is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, welcoming and fun gaming space! Please make sure to follow our gaming guidelines so everyone can have a great gaming experience.

Gaming Etiquette:  
We’re all here for fun and games, but please be mindful of the games, your fellow gamers, and the space!
- Please be respectful when handling games so they may be enjoyed for years to come.  Avoid bending cards and be careful of drinks!
- Remember, it’s just a game!  You may interact with your friends around the game table differently, but remember this is a public space and be mindful of how your words and actions may be interpreted by those around you.  It’s okay to be competitive, but good sportsmanship (being a gracious winner/loser) makes it fun for everyone!
- Please keep the space clean!  Garbage goes in the garbage bin, but please put your empty bottles & cans on the canteen area so we can recycle them!  Be mindful of dropped game pieces, it happens; should you find one on the ground not from your game, just let a staff member know.  
-We can fit quite a few people into our space, so please be aware of your personal hygiene!  We request you avoid strong scents such as perfumes and colognes.

Anti-Harassment & Inclusivity:
- Mission: Fun & Games values providing a welcoming and inclusive safe space.  Any form of harassment or discrimination is absolutely not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to verbal comments or actions that reflect discrimination relating to gender, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, ableism, racism, transphobia, sexism or homophobia.
- We understand some topics are a part of some games, but please bear in mind that what may be humorous to some people may be incredibly offensive to others.  Use discretion when making jokes and reading cards allowed. Please let a staff member know if your enjoyment of our space is being affected. Mission: Fun & Games reserves the right to request games affecting the enjoyment of others be packed up, or to ask those who do not comply with our zero tolerance policy for harassment to leave.

General Guidelines:
- We are a family friendly establishment; this means you can bring your kids, however you are responsible for them and their entertainment.  
- Please be aware of the ages of those around you: no swearing, and avoid inappropriate content when around minors.
- Our staff will give a friendly warning when the store is about to close, but all games should be wrapped up by closing time!
- Please use the main door for entering and exiting during business hours.  Should the event run after hours, the host will walk you out through the back door.
- Please do not bring in outside food or drink.  Reusable personal water bottles are fine.
- Tables must be moved by two people, and never dragged.  Please do not sit on the tables. They will bend, tilt, and they are near impossible to correct.  Please do not sit on on the chairs with anything other than your bottom! Kneeling, perching or sitting in a manner that tilts the chairs could result in tipping and somebody getting hurt.  
- Sign in each time you attend.  The host is required to provide a sign in sheet.
- Keep an eye on Mission: Fun & Games’ event calendar for sessions.  If the session is not there, there is no meeting. If you feel it is not up to date, contact the host.