Insert for Journeys in Middle Earth Spreading War Expansion

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Insert compatible with Journeys in Middle Earth®, and designed to add two trays to Folded Space's other insert FS-JME to provide storage for the Spreading War® expansion. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. The trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. 

The insert consists of two new trays which take the place of the map tile stacks in the FS-JME layout.

One FS-JME+ tray stores the siege engines & Mûmakil miniatures, as well as many of the new cards. As always there is space for all the cards to be sleeved. The other tray is for some of the remaining miniatures from the expansion.

While the FS-JME+ trays store most of the Spreading War® expansion components, some items also need to be added to FS-JME trays:

  • One hero mini is added to Tray 8a or 8b
  • Fortified, difficult ground, trench/fence & chest/barricade tokens go in Tray 6a and 7a
  • The orc task master, wight & shadowmen minis are now stored together in Tray 3a
  • The three new warg riders go in Tray 3b
  • FS-JME Tray 2 now stores the Balrog, warg and all the spider minis together

When packing the box place the FS-JME bottom layer of trays in the box as before, but add the second FS-JME+ tray of minis. Again as before, each layer is separated using the square battle map tiles. Add the first FS-JME+ tray to the second layer of FS-JME in between the two large card trays. Then the top layer of FS-JME is added as normal. Lastly add the rule books on top of everything. Once fully loaded the box is filled to the top, allowing for vertical storage of the game.

As the two FS-JME+ trays replace the map tile spaces in the FS-JME layout, these tiles need to be stored outside the main game box. We recommend storing them in one of the big box expansion boxes.