Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid! Expansion

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Strap in and hold tight: Dinosaur Island is about to get radically wilder!

You're holding the key to unlocking the latest, most thrilling exhibits in dino park history. Enter the land of Totally Liquid and discover...

  • a fifth player module!
  • unique park facilities that give each player a different way to score points, with the help of their very own executive!
  • blueprints that award bonus points to tidy park owners!
  • all new PR events, plot twists, specialists, and lots of new, bodacious, slippery-when-wet marine creatures!

Don't miss out on the hottest, wettest ride of the modern Mesozoic era. The Totally Liquid park expansion is now open for business!

Game Components:

  • 1 set of 5th player components; 13 dino recipe tiles; 4 DNA dice; 9 specialist cards; 7 plot twist cards; 24 blueprint cards; 14 PR event cards; 4 module selector cards; 8 facility boards; 8 executive cards; 7 lab upgrade tiles; 18 paddock tiles; 5 executive pawns; 1 market extension cards; 6 dino egg tokens; 8 goat tokens; 8 baby dino tokens; 8 hotel limit cubes; 2 casino game tiles; 3 seats tokens; 1 Mega Rex token; 4 fantasy attraction tiles; 3 attraction type tokens; 20 visitors; and more!