Detective: City of Angels - Cloak and Daggered

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Foreign spies and ruthless g-men clash on the streets of Los Angeles in this thrilling single case pack for the award-winning Detective: City of Angels!
Designer Alara Cameron
Year 2021
Number of Players 1-5
Expansion For Detective: City of Angels
Game Video N/A

When a Russian immigrant dies under suspicious circumstances in a ramshackle hotel room, the detectives of the L.A.P.D. Homicide Division are called in to investigate, but before the body has even gone cold, the case - and the city - are swarming with G-Men. These stone-faced agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have their own agenda, one that doesn't appear to be particularly concerned that justice is done.

In this cleverly designed case by Lara Wright (and meticulously illustrated by Roland McDonald), your powers of deduction will be put to the test. Not only will you have to track down all the evidence, but you'll also have to contend with the F.B.I.'s presence in the city. Can you solve the mystery of who Jack Sonin was, and why the government cares so much about him?


  • 4 Detective case sheets
  • 10 Dossier cards
  • 1 Chisel casebook
  • 11 Response cards
  • 5 Suspect standees
  • 16 Search cards
  • 1 Tuckbox
  • 4 Request dossier cards
  • 12 Case cards
  • 4 Bribe G-Man cards