Catapult Feud - Volcano Expansion

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Build your castles, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to win the day!
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Designer Kristian Fosh
Year 2021
Number of Players 2
Expansion For Catapult Feud
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The War for the Floor has begun once more!


Catapult Feud: Volcano! Expansion introduces a new game mode. Place the Volcano in the middle of the battlefield, at an equal distance between players. Shuffle the Volcano cards and place them in a pile, face down, at the side of the Volcano. At the beginning of each round, the Volcano erupts, shooting random balls of fire at players.


During the Tactics Phase, instead of playing an Action card from your hand, you may reveal and resolve the top card from the Volcano deck.


Beware! Volcano cards unleash fireballs at your opponent, but sometimes they backfire!!!


This expansion requires Catapult Feud to play.


Warning! This is a game of construction/destruction of plastic bricks and figures... NOT your opponent, pets, or people who may foolishly pass through the field of battle! Please play fair and be careful not to hurt each other or damage anything... other than your opponent's attempt at an impenetrable fortress!


Note: This expansion was originally marketed as Catapult Kingdoms: Volcano! Expansion.