Catapult Feud - Hydra Expansion

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Ready the catapults! Wait, do you smell smoke? INCOMING FIREBALL!!!
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Designer Kristian Fosh
Year 2022
Number of Players 2
Expansion For Catapult Feud
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Catapult Feud Hydra expansion adds a fireball launching Hydra to the game.

During setup, place the Hydra in the middle of the battlefield, at an equal distance between players. If you are also using the Volcano Expansion, then place the Hydra to the side of it. Shuffle the Hydra Cards and place them in a pile, face down, next to the Hydra.

Taming the Hydra: During your turn, as a free action you may decide to try and Tame the Hydra! To do so, shuffle the Hydra cards, reveal the top one and resolve it as per its rules.

BEWARE: Taming the Hydra is a risky task. You might end up getting a chance to deal extra damage to your opponent, but there is always the chance that the Hydra will retaliate and scare away your troops! It is possible to lose the game if the Hydra scares away your last troop! Every time you try to Tame the Hydra, one of its heads will respond to you. Depending on the head, there is a different outcome.

  • Right Head: The Hydra is extremely angry and retaliates! It scares your troops away and some of them desert you! Remove one of your troops from the game. If this was the last troop, you lose the game!
  • Left Head: You barely managed to control the Hydra to do your bidding. You may use it to launch one Ball of Fire to your opponent.
  • Center Head: You did an exceptional job taming this beast! You may use it to throw 2 Balls of Fire to your opponent!

Warning! This is a game of construction/destruction of plastic bricks and figures... NOT your opponent, pets, or people who may foolishly pass through the field of battle! Please play fair and be careful not to hurt each other or damage anything... other than your opponent's attempt at an impenetrable fortress!


Note: This expansion requires Catapult Feud to play.