UNO - All Wild

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​Every card is a Wild Card in UNO All Wild!
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In UNO All Wild card game, every single card is wild for a fast-paced, even more unpredictable version of this family favorite! There's no matching of number or color like regular UNO, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Special Action Cards really change the game! There's a Wild Skip Two card where players skip two other players instead of the traditional one, a Wild Forced Swap card where players change entire hands and more! This edition is as addictive as it is exhilarating and makes a great gift for players 7 years and older. Colors and decorations may vary.


•​Every card is a Wild Card in UNO All Wild!

•​Play is fast with no matching colors or numbers required as in classic UNO.

•​It's also more surprising with the action cards in the deck -- Wild Reverse, Wild Skip and Skip 2, Wild Draw 2 and 4, Wild Forced Swap and Wild Targeted Draw 2.

•​Don't forget, when players get down to only one card they must yell "UNO!"

•Makes a great gift for UNO fans ages 7 years and older.