Underwater Cities: New Discoveries Expansion

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New Metropolises - Trading with these cities will give you exciting new strategic options.

The Museum of Underwater Artifacts - Treasures lie at the bottom of the sea. Discover them and gain valuable rewards for your contribution to the museum.

Asymmetric Assistants - New assistants, each with their own special ability, will make your underwater nation unique from the very beginning.

52 New Cards - New cards for every decks will add new choices to every game. 

3-Layered and Extra Player Boards - Layered player boards hold all the components securely in place. Includes upgraded versions of the original boards, as well as 4 new double-sided boards for new game play opportunities.


  • 8 double-sided layered player boards (4 "old" and 4"brand new")
  • 1 double-sided Museum board
  • 8 Personal Assistant cards
  • 6 Starting Resource tiles
  • Era I Deck: 18 cards
  • Era II Deck: 15 cards
  • Era III Deck: 11 cards
  • 5 three-credit Special cards
  • 3 one-credit Special cards
  • 10 green metropolis tiles
  • 10 farm tokens
  • 10 desalination plant tokens
  • 10 laboratory tokens
  • 20 discovery tokens (5 in each color)