Ticket to Ride: Map Collection 3 - The Heart of Africa

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Venture into the Heart of Africa to build routes through some of the continent’s most remote and desolate locales.
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Designer Alan R. Moon
Year 2012
Number of Players 2–5 Players
Expansion For Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride: Europe
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Get ready to venture into The Heart of Africa with the 3rd volume in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection series. Set in the vast wilderness of Africa at the height of its exploration by intrepid explorers, missionaries and adventurers, this new single-sided board map expansion will take you deep into the heart of the continent. In addition to the new vertical map, this expansion introduces 45 new Terrain Cards 3 distinct Terrain types associated with different Route colors. Drawn just like Train cards, when played timely they might help the players double the value of the routes they claim. Designed for 2-5 players, ages 8+, Ticket to Ride The Heart of Africa includes the new map, Destination Ticket, Terrain cards and multi-lingual rules booklet.


  • Map of the The Heart of Africa
  • Destination Tickets
  • new Terrain cards
  • Rules

NOT A STAND-ALONE GAME! Requires an original copy of Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe to play.