Star Trek Adventures RPG Operations Division Supplement

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A wealth of new material for use in Star Trek Adventures for characters in the Operations Division.
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Join Starfleet’s miracle workers or its steadfast defenders with the Operations Division supplemental rulebook for Star Trek Adventures

​Leading the writing team is Chris McCarver (Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook) alongside Andrew Peregrine (Dr.  Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Firefly Roleplaying Game), Jack Geiger (Scarred LandsA Song of Ice and Fire RPG), John Snead (Blue Rose, Eclipse Phase, Mindjammer), and Sam Webb (Star Trek Adventures).
Players can expect new choices for their security officers and engineers, as well as detailed background information on the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Starfleet Intelligence, and even the elusive Section 31. The supplemental rulebook also expands the equipment available to Starfleet personnel, with new rules on their inclusion in the game. The Gamemaster also has their choice of new resources for running operations-focused missions, and a new selection of named NPCs, and engineering and security archetypes including Luther Sloan, Leah Brahms, and MACO soldiers. Miniatures fans will be in for a treat, with the Red Alert rules for miniatures combat using a streamlined version of the 2d20 system, developed by prolific wargame designer Mark Latham and Sam Webb, line developer for Star Trek Adventures.