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Reap, Sweep, Keep!
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Designer Jason Anarchy
Year 2022
Number of Players 2-4
Time 15-30 Min
Ages 14+
Mechanics Constrained Bidding, Grid Movement
Theme Memento Mori
Game Video N/A

Become death and play as a new Reaper each turn, trying to seize more souls than your fellow Reapers.

Players will each draw a new Reaper Card, Place 1-3 skull tokens on either the Reap, sweep and keep located on their reaper card, behind a small Screen. Reveal their cards and take turns Reaping (moving their Reaper Meeple around the board), Sweeping (removing the less desirable souls off the board) or Keeping (attempting to out bid other players for souls of the same type that their meeple is standing on)

The Player who successfully claims 9 souls by succesfully outbidding the others is the winner!