Okko Chronicles: Cycle of Water - Quest into Darkness

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The latest addition to the Chronicles family will plunge you into the heart of a dark and fantastic incarnation of medieval Japan
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Designer Frédérick Condette
Year 2019
Number of Players 2-5
Time 120 min
Ages 14+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Role Playing, Team-Based Game, Variable Player Powers
Theme Adventure, Comic Book/Strip, Fantasy, Miniatures, Japan
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Journey to the four corners of the war-torn kingdom of Pajan as you join the ronin monster-slayer, Okko, and his brave companions as they hunt down a variety of fearsome supernatural foes.

Whether you choose to harness the devastating power of fickle Elementals or rely on the cold surety of ancestral steel; you must combine your martial prowess with all your cunning if you are to uncover and destroy the demon in your midst.

Developed from those used for Guardians' Chronicles, OKKO’S CHRONICLES introduces completely new mechanics. Still easy to learn and fun to play, these rules have their own unique flavor and specific features that allow you to become totally immersed in this fascinating universe. These developments include:

  • Weapon, Armor and Item cards with which to equip your Heroes, allowing you to tailor them to the situations they face.

  • A unique investigation system to enable the Heroes to unmask the terrible Oni hidden among the occupants of the daimyo’s palace.