My Shelfie

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You've just taken home your new bookshelf and now it's time to put your favorite items in the display: books, board games, portraits...Who will make the most well-organized shelfie?!
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Designer Matthew Dunstan, Phil Walker-Harding
Year 2022
Number of Players 2-4
Time 30 min
Ages 8+
Mechanics End Game Bonuses, Pattern Building, Set Collection
Theme Abstract Strategy
Game Video N/A

My Shelfie is a strategy game where players are competing to gather the items they need to complete both personal and shared goal cards. When items are gathered, they are placed into one column of the 3D bookshelf display. Players earn points by matching the patterns illustrated on the goal cards, as well as by connecting item tiles of the same type.

My Shelfie will appeal to fans of visual strategy games and anyone who loves showing off their beautifully organized shelfies.


  • 1 Living Room Board
  • 4 Bookshelf Displays
  • 12 Common Goal Cards
  • 132 Item Tiles (22 of each of the 6 types)
  • 12 Personal Goal Cards
  • 4 Card Holders
  • 8 Scoring Tokens
  • 1 First Player Seat
  • 1 End Game Token
  • 1 Bag