Munchkins and Mazes

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Munchkin is back in a whole new addition!
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Designer Steve Jackson
Year 2021
Number of Players 3-6
Time 60-120 min
Ages 10+
Mechanics Hand Management, Take That
Theme Card Game, Fantasy
Game Video N/A

Munchkin is back in a whole new addition! Munchkins & Mazes is the most elf-referential Munchkin game yet, with cards inspired by the most popular roleplaying game ever, the latest live streaming crazes, the gaming hobby in general, and even by Munchkin itself! We’ve updated some of our favorite cards and created a whole lot of new ones in this set that’s sure to please anyone who’s ever rolled a 20-sided die.

Key Features:

  • It’s not a new edition – but don’t let that stop you!
  • Highest in-joke per card density of any Munchkin game this decade!
  • Fun for old-school gamers and n00bs alike!
  • This is a stand-alone game, but you can mix it with any other Munchkin set if you want!