Munchkin: Legends Deluxe

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Raid the world of myth and legend! Crush every foe you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and become a Munchkin of myth!
Designer Andrew Hackard, Steve Jackson
Year 2014
Number of Players 3-6
Time 60-120 Min
Ages 10+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Open Drafting, Take That
Theme Mythology
Game Video N/A

Prepare to fight the creatures of legend...and take their stuff!

In Munchkin Legends Deluxe, you'll face mythical monsters and collect legendary treasures. Challenge the Boogie Man to a dance-off and cheat by wearing Achilles' Heels. Hide from the spells of the Wicked Witch of the Midwest in your Bermuda Shorts of Invulnerability. And if you think you're up to it...release the Kraken!

Munchkin Legends Deluxe comes with everything you need to play: cards, a die, and the rules, plus a board and standies to track your levels.