Mountains Out Of Molehills

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Start preparing now to attend the annual Mountain Maker tournament, where the title of “Top Tunneler” is up for grabs by moles all over the world!
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Designer Jim DiCamillo, Patrick Marino
Year 2022
Number of Players 2-4
Time 45-60min
Ages 9+
Mechanics Grid Movement, King of the Hill, Open Drafting, Programmed Movement, Square Grid
Theme Moles, Digging
Game Video

If you’ve never tested your digging skills before to rise above the rest, you’re in luck—sharp-clawed competitors are needed both underground and above ground in an all-new signature game by The Op! Mountains Out Of Molehills is the perfect light strategy game for players of all skill levels

Designed by Pat Marino and Jim DiCamillo, the game features Loama, Sandy, Clay, and Pete—four different kinds of moles, but all of them are ready to put their best senses forward. Take on the roles of these burrowing mammals to navigate the two-level board in this easy-to-learn, light strategy game and build the most valuable molehills you can!

Each player begins their path by drawing Movement cards that show different directions to go. Because moles are blind, some planning is involved to lay out their routes! Do this by setting cards in the order they are to be activated, and once everyone is done, the digging begins!

As each mole moves across spaces underground, color-coordinated Molehill pieces are placed on the corresponding spot on the Aboveground board. Since pieces are stacked from the ground up, a different mole taking the same path puts their color on the bottom, making that Molehill their own! Be the mole with the most points and control after six rounds to win!

While this is how molehills become mountains, what goes up must come down! Building a molehill means taking a risk that high stacks will “topple”. You never know how the game will go, so no two games are ever the same! What will be your claim to fame as Top Tunneler?