Master Dater: Uncut Expansion

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Just when you thought Master Dater could not be more deprived, here's a new expansion to add to the filth.
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Designer N/A
Year 2022
Number of Players 3-6
Expansion For Master Dater
Game Video N/A

Master Dater: Uncut is our essential day one expansion pack for Master Dater, for anyone who wants to make their game x-rated and more mucked up. Add more Cyanide to your Happiness with new head and body cards and even more interests, all containing plenty of nudity, fluids and swear words.

Game Features

  • Mix these cards in with Master Dater to create the definitive version of Master Dater that we can't sell in stores.
  • 100 additional very specific and terrible interests to pander to.
  • 50 head and body cards, some of which are so monstrous we feel bad for drawing them
  • If you play this with your kids and then complain to us we will literally block you on all social media.