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While the conjunction of the Supernal and Infernal realms with the Prime Realm was not unforeseen, the sheer number of portals that opened created many questions for scholars and arcanists across the globe, chief among them: ‘Why?’. In every prior Massive Darkness, the Infernal realm flooded the Prime and the Supernal Realm battled them back, often without mortal intervention. Yet, in this instance, the Angels and their kind battle indiscriminately, or even as allies of the Infernals! Something is wrong in Heaven, and it is up to the Lightbringers to find out what has gone awry, and, if possible, to correct it.

Massive Darkness: Heavenfall introduces a new way to play Massive Darkness 2 with the Campaign Mode, allows players develop their Heroes further than before with 5 additional Levels and takes them through a journey where they can choose their path to discover what’s behind Heaven's corruption!

Massive Darkness2 : Heavenfall Expansion comes with:

  • 6 Angel Mob Minions
  • 1 Angel Mob Leader
  • Archangel Raphael (Roaming Monster)
  • Uriel, Archangel of Fire (Roaming Monster)
  • Baalberith, Duke of Hell (Boss)
  • 2 Boss dashboards (Baalberith, Michael, and The Reaper)
  • 4 Double-sided Tiles
  • 3x Red Attack dice
  • 5x Green Defense dice
  • 1 Town dashboard
  • 30 Mob cards
  • 60 Monster Item cards
  • 72 Item cards
  • 10 Job cards
  • 72 Skill cards
  • 12 Set Item Bonus cards
  • 24 Roaming Monster cards
  • 6 Advanced Level tokens
  • 10 Legendary Treasure tokens
  • 1 Campaign Book