Magic The Gathering TCG Wilds of Eldraine Starter Kit

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Looking to get into the world of Magic but not sure where to begin? This starter set has everything you need to take your first baby steps!
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Everything you need to play your first game of Magic: The Gathering is right here!

Learn the essentials or teach your friends and family with the included Play Guide booklet, then enter the fray with two pre-built 60-card decks—Day of the Dragon (a Blue-Red deck) and Backup Beatdown (a Green-White deck).

Each deck contains two Mythic Rare cards and six Rare cards, including 1 Traditional Foil Rare card, to turn the tide of battle and kick off your collection. This kit also includes 2 digital code cards to unlock both decks for two people to play online in Magic: The Gathering Arena (available on desktop and mobile).

Each deck comes with a deck box, 2 double-sided tokens, and a reference card (Turn Order/Attacking & Blocking).