Magic Item Compendium: Rings and Wondrous Items (5E Compatible)

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Find Interesting and powerful magic items on the fly. Inside you’ll find 50 unique magic items ranging in rarity from common to legendary.
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There are 4 Magic Item compendium decks which are 50 card decks containing items from the book (The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting). On one side of the cards is art of the item and on the other the rules and stats for the item. Each item has a color banner on both sides to show the rarity of the items for quick reference.

The decks are: 

•    Magic Item Compendium: Weapons and Armors

•    Magic Item Compendium: Rods, Staffs and Wands

•    Magic Item Compendium: Rings & Wondrous Items

•    Magic Item Compendium: Potions, Poultices & Powders