Lorcana: Into the Inklands Store Championship - Apr 20 at 10:30am (Max 24 Participants)

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DATE - April 20, 2024
TIME - 10:30 AM


Players must bring a deck consisting of a minimum of 60 cards, a maximum of two inks, and a maximum of four of any card of the same full name.

Format: Core (Constructed)
Rounds: 3-5 50 minutes, best of three games, based on attendance (Top Cut rounds are untimed)
Structure: Swiss Rounds and possible Top Cut, based on attendance

Please note that as this is an official Lorcana tournament, we are required to follow official tournament rules as found on the Lorcana website: Official Lorcana Tournament Rules

Players will be required to submit a deck list prior to the first round of play - to help facilitate registration, please fill out a deck list in advance and bring it with you on April 20th - an official deck list can be found here: Lorcana Into the Inklands Deck List



Each Participant will receive 2 packs of Into the Inklands upon completion of the event (either main round or Top Cut, depending on placement.)

In addition, players will receive the following based on placement:

Champion: The winner receives:

  • 1 Store Champion Playmat
  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star promo card

Runner-Up: The second-place finisher receives:

  • 1 Stitch — Rock Star Playmat (non-champion version)
  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star promo card

Third and Fourth Place finishers each receive:

  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star promo card


Additional prizes and random draws may also be available depending on attendance!