Laser Chess

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Laser Chess, is a chess-like game that combines lasers with classic strategy.
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Designer Luke Hooper
Year 2011
Number of Players 2 Players
Time 30 Minutes
Ages 9+
Mechanics Grid Movement
Theme Abstract Technology, Strategy

To begin, players set up the pieces on the game board in one of several starting positions. Players then alternate turns, either moving a piece to an adjacent space, rotating a piece 90º, swap two adjacent pieces if one of them is a switch piece, or rotating their laser 90º; the pieces have two, one, or zero mirrored surfaces, and after moving or rotating a piece on your turn, you must then fire your laser, with the laser possibly being deflected by 90º whenever it hits a mirror on a piece (since the mirrors are angled at 45º). If the beam strikes a non-mirrored surface on almost any piece, that piece is removed from play. (One exception: The defenders have one surface immune from laser fire, which means you can use them to protect your king; they're vulnerable to laser fire from other directions, though.)

When a king is hit by a laser, the other player wins the game! Friendly fire is possible, so try to make sure that you won't remove one of your one pieces when you shoot — unless you need to clear a shot to the enemy, that is!