Hive Mind

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Hive Mind™ is a party game that rewards thinking alike, and there are no wrong answers!
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Gather 3-12 friends and family, then choose and ask Hive Mind™ questions everyone might answer the same, because thinking differently might send you right off the board!


With thousands of questions based on experiences and opinions, this is a party game about thinking alike and staying in the Hive Mind!


In Hive Mind™, players answer trivia and opinion questions trying to match their answers with other players, scoring points for each match they achieve. They don’t have to be correct! They just have to be the same as what other players think. Each round, players will roll the die to determine how many lowest scoring answers move down the player board. Then a question will be asked, and answers given and scored. Once one or more players moves lower than level six, they are eliminated from the Hive Mind and everyone else wins!


  • Questions are based on experiences rather than knowledge, inspiring hilarious and enlightening conversations
  • Whimsical, charming artwork featuring the Queen and bees brings the world of the hive to life.
  • Up to twelve players can join in a single game of Hive Mind, making it an obvious choice for large families, parties, or gaming groups.
  • Hive Mind is quick to demo and easy to learn, and is perfect for players of all experience levels.
  • Unlike other trivia games, questions are based on experiences rather than knowledge; everyone will be able to relate and participate.
  • Created by world-famous game designer Richard Garfield to be a memorable experience for any family or any group of 3 to 12 players.

•300 question cards – 1800 questions
•Game board
•1 Queen Bee token
•12 Bee pawns
•3 Hive Gates
•12 full-sized Hive Mind pencils
•1 Hive Mind notepad
•1 two-minute timer
•Game rules