Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz Expansion

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Expand your world-famous Viennese hotel in five different ways.
Designer Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani
Year 2021
Number of Players 1-4
Expansion For Grand Austria Hotel
Game Video

Night has fallen over Vienna and it is ball season. The Champaign is pouring and your hotel guests don't want to go to bed yet; they'd much rather dance in one of the famous ballrooms of Vienna. Let's Waltz are the opening words of Vienna's annual and world-famous opera ball - and it's also the name of the first expansion for the popular Grand Austria Hotel board game. Let's Waltz lets your guests visit the famous ballrooms of Vienna, providing new and exciting strategy options to explore.

- 5 ballroom boards
- 1 balcony board
- 4 rehearsal room boards
- 1 lounge board
- 1 action board extension
- 10 hotel entrances
- 43 tiles
- 68 cards, 3 dice, 1 skeleton key, 25 wooden champagne tokens, 40 wooden dancer tokens, 1 sticker sheet & 1 rule book