Francis Drake Complete Expansion Box Set

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Designer Peter Hawes
Year 2015
Number of Players 2-6 Players
Time 90 Minutes
Ages 14+
Mechanics Action / Movement Programming, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Secret Unit Deployment
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Francis Drake by Peter Hawes with Art and Graphics by Franz Vohwinkel

~The 2-Player Game employs a 3rd non-player, the decisions on Plymouth Street remain as challenging as ever and with different parts of the map blocked off on each voyage, competition for Spanish galleons, forts and treasure remain intense.

~The 6 Player Game adds a new set of 16 Location Tiles (specific for 6 players) and provides enough goods on Plymouth Street to keep the competition for the best items fierce. The Caribbean phase of the game is very tight now with the 6 would-be Drakes racing for Spanish conquests, gold & silver.

2 & 6 Player Game Components
1 Rule book in English, German & French
1 Galleon, 1 Frigate & 1 Treasure Chest
1 Score Marker, 6 Mission Discs & 10 Player Discs (all purple)
1 set of 16 Location Tiles, 1 Investor Tile & 1 Ships Log
4 Supply Barrels, 15 Cubes (5 black guns, 8 gray crew, 2 Trade goods)
4 Player Commodity cubes & 1 set of stickers
2 Board Overlays: Place one in Plymouth Harbor and one at Dockside

Plus Bonus Expansions:

Montezuma's Legacy Expansion

Spain's Revenge Expansion