Fog of Love (Inclusive Covers Available)

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Romantic Comedy as a Board Game
Designer Jacob Jaskov
Year 2017
Number of Players 2
Time 1-2 Hours
Ages 17+
Mechanics Cooperative Play, Hand Management, Role Playing, Secret Unit Deployment, Simulation, Simultaneous Action Selection, Storytelling
Theme Romance
Game Video

Fog of Love is a game for two players. You will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work.

Playing Fog of Love is like starring in a romantic comedy, it’s a rollercoaster ride of awkward situations, laugh out loud moments and difficult compromises you have to make.

Just like in a real relationship, you each might want different things. Do you stay true to yourself, or do what your partner wants for the good of the relationship? You can even decide to break their heart.

There’s no guarantee it will end happily ever after, but you will always get a story full of surprises that will make you smile.


  • Rulebook; game board; 2 dual-sided character cards (male/female silhouette); 2 card holders (pink/blue)


  • 113 scenes; 4 love stories (17 chapter cards and 4 synopsis cards); 14 Destinies (7 pink/7 blue); 38 Traits; 36 Occupations; 60 Features; 30 Tutorial cards


  • 8 Choice tokens (4 pink/4 blue); 70 Personality tokens (35 pink/35 blue wooden tokens); 2 custom token boxes to contain each player's tokens

**Please note that the base game comes with extra room/dividers in the box for expansions.