Final Girl - Series 2: Vignette Film Box Terror From The Grave (KS Ed.)

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How will you survive this TERROR FROM THE GRAVE?
Designer AJ Porfirio, Evan Derrick, Julie Ahern & Mike Martins
Year 2023
Number of Players 1
Expansion For
Game Video

You'd have never believed it if you weren't at the cemetery when it happened. When the first rotten fist punched through the topsoil, you and the other at the funeral you were attending started looking around for cameras. This must be a prank, you thought. But then more emerged, and the dead were coming out of the ground all around you. When the priest let out a scream, you turned to see your dead uncle biting and pulling him into his own freshly dug grave. At that moment, you realized the dead truly had risen. 



***IMPORTANT!*** This Vignette Film box is not playable by itself and requires you to also own the Core Box and at least one Feature Film box.