Fields of Arle

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Fields of Arle is the most autobiographical game designed by Uwe Rosenberg. Its story is set in the village where his father was born and his parents married. One of the scattered settlements around Arle, Beemoor, is a travel destination in this game. This is where Rosenbergs father grew up on a secluded farm. The Textile House building in this game is based on the textile house Kanngießer in Aurich, which has been managed by Rosenbergs mother since 1989; before, it was managed by his grandfather.

In the past centuries, the area around Arle stood out due to its excellent farmland. It was said that the best flax of all North Germany grew in Arle. As the demand for this versatile resource was great, the local farmers quickly became rich and the people of Arle had a considerably better life than the residents of any other place in East Frisia. Today, about 1100 people live in and around Arle. Only the size of the church gives clues as to Arle's former importance.

  • 1 large game board
  • 1 supply board
  • 2 home boards
  • 2 storage boards
  • 60 wooden animals, 40 wooden peat tokens and 18 wooden playing pieces
  • 31 buildings and over 150 other tiles
  • 1 scoring pad
  • 1 rule book
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 2 overview sheets