Fantasy Age RPG Second Edition - Core Rulebook

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Leap into sword and sorcery RPG adventures with the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook! Powered by the popular Adventure Game Engine (also used in The Expanse, Modern AGE, and Blue Rose RPGs), Fantasy AGE is easy to learn and a fun to play and it’s the perfect entry point for new players.

Character creation is simple: pick an ancestry, pick a class (mage, rogue, warrior, or envoy), pick a specialization (duelist, diplomat, pirate, sword mage, and more), and jump into the action. The heart of the game is the stunt system, which brings dynamism and drama to the table. Roll doubles on 3d6 to pull off heroic maneuvers in combat, cast mightier spells, perform amazing feats of physical and mental prowess, or even cut a rival down to size with a few clever words.

The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook gives you everything you need to play, from special talents and arcane magic to practical Game Master advice and challenging monsters. Start your adventures in Breakwater Bay and experience the Stranger Shores campaign setting. Set sail for the legendary city of Freeport or tempt fate by going deeper into the mist-shrouded seas.

The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook is the game’s 2nd Edition, and it is largely compatible with all previous Fantasy AGE releases. Explore the Stranger Shores, use another fantasy setting of your choice, or create your own—Fantasy AGE is your portal to a new age of adventure!