Exit Kids: Jungle of Riddles

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With a new island to explore and treasure chests to explore (bonus!). All you need to do is crack the riddles and obtain the prizes. That's not so hard.....or is it?
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Designer Inka Brand Markus Brand
Year 2023
Number of Players 1–4 Players
Time 20 Min
Ages 6+
Mechanics Co-op play, Card playing, Clue solving
Theme Animals, Riddles, Problem Solving
Game Video

You can hardly believe your luck! First, you discovered a previously unknown island. And now, deep in the jungle, you have found nine mysterious treasure chests! But this is no ordinary island — you have landed on the island of riddles, where the jungle animals are guarding the treasures. You must solve their tricky puzzles before you can open the chests. What are you waiting for? Crack the riddles together and win the treasure!

A riddle adventure in the jungle! Working together or by themselves, children ages six and up can solve various riddles to open mysterious treasure chests. In each round, six different types of puzzles, which are shown on 36 illustrated, large-format cards, are combined in new ways. Thus, the game is replayable, offering a new gaming experience in each round. A playful introduction to get young players started in the EXIT: The Game series.