Escape the Dark Castle: Blight of the Plague Lord Expansion #3

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This Adventure Pack introduces a new mechanic to the system – the Plague.
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Designer Alex Crispin, Thomas Pike, James Shelton
Year 2018
Number of Players 1-4 Players
Time 20-45 Minutes
Ages 14+
Mechanics Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Paper-and-Pencil, Press Your Luck, Role Playing, Storytelling
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In the most confined, twisting passageways; in the vaulted eaves of the highest towers; in the fetid air drawn sharply into your panicked lungs – there will you find his creation. For he is the Plague Lord, emanator of an all-encompassing evil. A monstrous mass of weeping pustules, it would be his most perverse pleasure to watch as you slowly succumb to the agonising torment of the Black Death...


1 New Boss 
The Plague Lord, only growing stronger the more infected he becomes

15 New Chapters
The Plague Lord’s deranged followers, and new locations within the Dark Castle

3 New Characters
Versatile new prisoners ready to join the quest

3 Character Dice 
Representing the new prisoner’s endowment of skills

5 New Items
Vital new weapons and equipment for prisoners to discover in the depths

1 Plague Dice
Used to control the contraction and spread of this vile disease

New Mechanic – the Plague!
This Adventure Pack introduces a new mechanic to the system – the Plague. As if the horrors, traps, and challenges of the Dark Castle were not already enough to haunt the prisoner’s every waking thought, there is now a new kind of threat to contend with. As they explore the labyrinthine castle passages, players can now encounter Carriers, plague-infected lunatics bent on spreading the disease. Certain interactions with Carriers can cause prisoners to contract, spread, and even succumb entirely to this rampant atrocity, adding a new dimension and weight to the game’s risk-reward decisions.

A copy of Escape the Dark Castle is required to use this set. However, as with all our Adventure Packs, this new content can be played as a standalone, themed adventure or mixed into the base set to increase variety and replay value.