Escape Room: The Game - Virtual Reality Expansion

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Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of escaping an “inescapable” room?
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Year 2017
Number of Players 3-5 players
Time 60 Minutes
Ages 16+
Mechanics Cooperative Play
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Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of escaping an “inescapable” room? Are you interested in seeing if you’ve got what it takes to discover hidden clues and follow the tiniest hints to break free before the clock ticks down?

Escape Room: The Game Virtual Reality is an innovative gaming experience that gives you the engaging feeling of escaping a real-life escape room in your own home thanks to true virtual reality. See if you can surface and open the hatch of the “Submarine” or get rescued from “Behind Enemy Lines” before it’s too late.

In this truly immersive escape room experience, you’ll use a combination of virtual reality (VR) goggles, a digital app, various clues, hint cards and the optional Chrono Decoder box to solve a series of puzzles and riddles before the time runs out. Every moment counts as you race against time. Are you and your friends smart enough to solve the mystery and escape?


While you and your colleagues are setting up the camera to film the reefs in the front compartment, you suddenly hear a loud bang. A collision? A torpedo?
The submarine shakes on all sides, the lights and computers shut down and then you hear a frightening sound. The ensuing scraping along the rocks and underwater cliffs cannot be good for the sub and now you seem to be stuck somewhere on the ocean floor. You help your friends back onto their feet and see the emergency lights that indicate that the generator responsible for charging the batteries is broken. The sub is damaged and may even have sprung a leak. There is just enough power in the main battery to generate oxygen for an hour. There is too little power to operate the sub the usual way (electrically), so you will have to perform all operations manually. Everything from navigating to locating and restarting the engine to rising to the surface. Luckily, you find the old-fashioned emergency manual! Your lives are on the line!

Can you escape?

Behind Enemy Lines:

The time has come; you are now part of an elite military unit. Your objective is to take photographs of a number of locations indicated by informants. It’s a dangerous mission because hostile groups are still active in this region. Once all of the photographs have been taken, the Captain gives a sign that you understand to mean that he plans to initiate the return flight. Just when everyone thinks that things are going well, the engine starts to sputter and choke. The helicopter loses altitude extremely quickly and hits the ground with a thundering roar. Everything goes black. You and your unit have crashed in the middle of inhospitable terrain.  Not only are you behind enemy lines, the helicopter is balancing on a cliff and the pilot has disappeared. It’s a long way down and even further to freedom!

Can you escape?

Contents: VR Glasses, Hint Decoder, 8 Hint Cards per Mystery, 2 Mysteries (Submarine and Behind Enemy Lines)

  • Ages 16+
  • 60 minutes
  • 3-5 players

*Requires two smartphones with ER app or one smartphone with the ER app and the Chrono Decoder with keys from Escape Room The Game.