Escape Room: The Game - Puzzle Adventures: The Baron, The Witch, & The Thief

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In this perfect hybrid between Escape Rooms and jigsaw puzzles, players get to explore a mysterious house and solve the mystery it holds piece by piece.
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Your wife has been falsely accused of witchcraft and has been taken away by the Baron's men. Now she is locked up in the castle tower, waiting for her execution. You only have one night to break into the impenetrable fort, find your wife and save her from being burned at the stake. An impossible mission... but fortunately there is help from an unexpected source!

In this cross between an Escape Room and a jigsaw, you explore a medieval castle, and piece by piece, you discover the secrets held within. Play the game at your leisure in Puzzle Mode, or set the timer and go for the best score in Escape Room Mode. Play this game with two or enjoy Escape Room The Game: Puzzle Adventures by yourself!

• 1 big puzzle (house) consisting of 5 separate puzzles (rooms).

• Perfect balance between Escape Rooms and jigsaw puzzles.

• Playable with or without time pressure.

• Story driven and full of mystery.

• Riddles to solve in order to earn new puzzle pieces and unlock new rooms.

• Puzzle-style decoder to check your answers.

• Advent calendar-like box design.