Eleven: Unexpected Events Expansion

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As a football manager you have to face the unexpected events. Can you organize your team so that they can handle it?
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Designer Thomas Jansen
Year 2022
Number of Players 1–4
Expansion For Eleven
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An unexpected event

Darn! You knew it was a bad idea, and after all you made that decision anyway. Seven has always been an impulsive player, why should it be any different today? Why during the decisive match in division? You look into his eyes when he goes down to the cloakroom, and your boys have stayed on the pitch without their forward. Was it an unexpected event? Well, it depends for whom...

Reputation board

During setup, place the Reputation board below the League Table, and then place the Reputation tokens on it according to the number of players. Your position on the Reputation track reflects your popularity compared to other teams and can make your life easy or miserable. For example, when you are in the highest position on the track, you can choose from more cards when you're hiring a Player or Staff, but when you are in the lowest position on the track, it will be exactly the opposite. You can get up on the Reputation track by spending 2 Fan Base markers each time but you will also fall back if you cannot afford to pay for the Maintenance.

New cards

Each unexpected event card contains three possible events that may occur before or during the match. After revealing the Opponent cards, each player draws cards from the Unexpected Events deck until they draw a card with a tag that matches one of their Player cards assigned to the Match. Each player must then resolve the drawn cards from top to bottom. After fully resolving all effects, discard the cards to the Unexpected Events discard pile and then continue with the Match as normal.