Dungeons & Lasers: Dwarven Mine - Half-Height Walls

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Light up your torches adventurers!
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Descend into a Dwarven mine, a forgotten and mysterious place once filled with the sounds of hammers and laughter. Now, people say it's abandoned... or is it?

With a few plastic clicks, turn your favorite map into a real dungeon on your gaming table. Place your miniatures, including mimics, and roll for the initiative! Walls will move to reveal hidden areas, doors will be unlocked, and treasures will be discovered. It is all up to you, Adventurers.

Forget about glue: this is solid, dwarven craft.


Dungeons & Lasers terrains are manufactured in tabletop scale with 30mm visible grids and 25mm half-height walls.

Box Contains:

  • 30 x walls
  • 12 x floors
  •  6 x doors
  •  6 x doorways
  • 18 x customization bits

The terrain comes unpainted and unassembled.