Dungeon & Town: 3-D Modular Expansion

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Dungeon & Town is the new set that implements the 3D into your adventures that can be used with other "Fantasy World Creator" products as well as battle mats.

Its use is universal, reflecting the philosophy of the "World Creator" product line:

  • Easy to mount and use
  • Highest standard material
  • Each element is rewritable 
  • All illustrations are hand-drawn 

Dungeon & Town is composed of a series of walls with different dimensions, roofs and details to make "live" your gaming sessions. Each of the more than 300 pieces is hand-drawn by the Italian artist Andrea Alemanno.
Pieces use a special textured base that allows infinite interlocking combinations, making the whole structure solid and quick to build.


98 Walls & Roofs
30 Accessories
70 Props
80 Stands