Dropzone Commander PHR Mercury Scout Drones

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The Mercury is an unusual battlefield unit, in that it is totally unarmed. Instead, it carries a highly advanced full spectrum sensor package. This is sufficiently advanced to scan structures to assist ground troops in objective and intel searches as well as normal scout functions. By providing a clean intel feed to command elements, it can also be used to effectively hold positions by proxy, since an enemy cannot count itself secure while these tireless sentinels circle ahead.

The Mercury is normally carried into battle by the much faster Triton Strike Dropship. This can be equipped with a pair of heavy RN-5 'Skyhammer' anti-armour missiles, specially designed to work in tandem with the Mercury's sensor package. This transforms the Triton into a formidable anti-armour threat once it has delivered its pair of Drones to the frontline.Full background and rules can be found in Reconquest: Phase 1

Four models per blister & Rocket pods sprue to upgrade 2 Triton A2 Dropships(Dropships not included)
10mm ScaleLength: 38mm1 Resin Component per blister + Rocket podsSupplied with 4 x 20mm clear acrylic flying basesModel supplied unassembled and unpainted