Dragon's Breath

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Its a competition to who collects the most gems! As each ring is removed, gems will spill out! Collect the correct gems and have the most of them by the end of the game to win!
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The dragon children have found an unusual treasure: a column of ice with sparkling stones frozen inside it. Naturally everyone wants them. Together with dragon dad the players remove one ice ring after the other, and melt the ice column. This makes the sparkling stones fall down. But be careful: Only certain sparkling stones can be collected. Who will have the most sparkling stones at the end?

1 Dragon Dad
1 Box base with 4 dividers
1 Game board
4 Dragon children
9 Ice rings
90 Sparkling stones (18 in each of 5 colors)
5 Sparkling stone tiles
1 Ice floe tile
1 Set of instructions