Dice Town

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Gold mines are lush prairie land await, drawing pioneers and settlers like bears to honey. Prospectors and bank robbers, cattle barons and swindlers descend on the town, all competing to cut off the biggest piece for themselves. Opportunities are everywhere, if you're smart enough - and lucky enough - to snatch them up.

Dice Town is the poker game of dice and land grabs, where your roll determines your luck, not the other way around. Roll the poker dice and build the hand that gets you what you want. Rob the bank, mine for gold, or settle the land, but be smart, because only the best rolls can win, and there's always someone willing to steal your hard-won rewards right out from under you. If your hand isn't what you hoped it would be, you can always pay to try again - as long as you can afford it, that is.

Featuring high-quality poker dice, plastic dice cups and beautiful illustrations, Dice Town will entertain two to five players and wrap up in less than an hour. Spend your money to make the best hand you can, because in this town, luck may decide the winner, but the best players make their own luck.

1 Game Board
19 General Store Cards
20 Property Claim Cards
7 Doc Badluck's Elixir Cards
5 Dice Cups
25 Poker Dice
43 1$ Bills
30 Gold Nuggets
1 Sheriff Badge Card
1 Rulebook